3 Reasons Why I do What I do!

Hey Dreamer,

I know that following the DREAM CAREER comes with its challenges, especially when you wonder if you\’ll make money and enjoy doing what your heart truly desires on a day to day basis.

And, I\’m here to let you know, it\’s normal to feel that way, to be afraid to follow the dream, to worry you might fail.

But, one of many things I learnt in my journey is that YOUR DREAM does not have to fail, especially if you take the time to determine your WHY?

What is the deepest reason why you want to do what it is you\’ve chosen to do? What inspires you? 

When you pursue YOUR DREAM, at times it can feel like a rollercoaster ride, especially when you choose to become an entrepreneur.

Some days, you have highs where you just want to sing and dance and hug everybody you meet; and, other days, you have lows where you become a hermit and want to hide from the world.

So, what keeps me focused on THE DREAM? The reason WHY I do what I do.
The meaning behind my work keeps me moving forward no matter what happens. 

When my business coach asked me what inspires me to do the work I do, I was on a downward spiral. But, my answer to this simple question gave me the positive kick in the butt I needed to continue moving forward.

By holding on to my WHY, I was able to get out of my downward spiral, face my resistance, my fears, my biggest challenges, future disappointments, and any hiccups that would come my way. 

So here are the 3 reasons that inspire me and my work, and that keep me moving forward:

WORLD PEACE & HAPPINESS – You might be wondering what does world peace have to do with finding YOUR DREAM CAREER. Well, I believe that finding your purpose leads to inner peace. And, one of the teachings of the guru from my yoga lineage was: \”inner peace for outer peace\” – (i.e., world peace).

If each individual is responsible for their inner peace and happiness, that\’s how we can create world peace. Therefore, I believe that if everyone takes the time to pursue what their heart truly desires, to find their purpose, we would be living in a much happier more peaceful world.

Imagine, waking up to a world where everyone enjoys the work they do. 

MENTAL HEALTH – In today\’s world of work where so many employees are taking sick leave; staying in situations where they feel helpless; where they feel they have no choice; where they are unhappy, all of this leads to issues with mental health.

Therefore, when you take the time to take care of yourself, honour your needs, listen to your body and find your purpose; you are increasing your well being.

When you cultivate your well-being you can attract positive feelings, emotions, and situations in your life.

I believe that your mental health is important, so helping you discover a career you love and enjoy, and that makes you feel good brings a lot of meaning to my work. 

PERSONAL CHOICE & EMPOWERMENT –  It\’s important to recognize and know that everything that is currently happening in your life (good and bad) are a result of a choice you have made. And, I want to inspire you to start making choices that will honour YOU and the life you want to live, not the life you think you should be living. 

So, what will inspire YOU to stay true to your DREAM CAREER?

If you currently feel stuck in a career you dislike, join me for a DREAM BIG call where we can explore together what\’s been getting in your way, and how I can support you in taking the next step in your career and discover what your heart truly desires.


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